Communication and Family Participation

Parent have daily contact with staff when escorting their child into the classroom. We conduct an informal phone conference in the fall for all new students. In addition, we schedule one formal conference during the school year and use this time for an exchange of information about your child’s development and adjustment to the program. If at any other time you need an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress please contact the teachers or Director and a time will be arranged.

Parents are always welcome to visit the classroom or volunteer time interacting with the children. Some parents have shared special interests, skills, talents and cultural or holiday traditions. Parents are also asked to accompany us on field trips or to participate in enrichment activities. Older siblings frequently visit as guest readers. Out of town relatives are also welcome visitors.

We feel it’s important to encourage a sense of community and so we also schedule social opportunities and celebrations throughout the school year. Parents are invited to a Parent Coffee in September, families join us for an Open House/Back to School Night in the fall and Halloween parties in October. We honor Valentine’s Day with our Annual Love Luncheon—the children make lasagna and serenade their loved ones with love songs.

Another social opportunity is our Annual Ice cream Social.